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HHC+Delta 8 THC Gummies (1000mg)


Pure Shaka’s HHC+D8 1:1 Fruit Punch Gummies – A Symphony of Wellness

Embrace the harmonious fusion of HHC and D8 in our meticulously crafted gummies. Inspired by nature, Pure Shaka brings you a unique blend encapsulating the essence of holistic well-being in a delightful fruit punch flavor.

Discover the Pure Shaka Difference:

🍍 Balanced Blend: With a 1:1 ratio of HHC to D8, we offer a tailored experience designed to resonate with your wellness journey.


🍉 Potent Punch: Each gummy delivers a consistent 100mg dose, ensuring clarity in consumption and a symphony of flavors in every bite.


🌺 Tropical Temptation: Let the fruit punch take you on a journey, reminiscent of island getaways and tropical sunsets.


🌿 Pure, Clean, Effective: At Pure Shaka, we commit to purity, ensuring that our gummies are free from unwanted additives and always focused on your wellness.


Note: Effects can vary between individuals. It’s recommended to start slow and gauge your personal reactions.