CBD Infused Hibiscus Rose tea

Meet our newest blend: the Pure Shaka CBD-Infused Hibiscus Rose Herbal Tea. This enchanting infusion marries a symphony of flavors with the calming potential of CBD—a taste and experience that you’re bound to adore.

Key Aspects of our Hibiscus Rose CBD Infused Herbal Tea:
  • A Flavorful Experience: Our tea is steeped with hibiscus, known for its vibrant color and tart flavor, and rose, which adds a delightful floral aroma.
  • Quality Ingredients: This remarkable tea includes flax, yerba mate, eucalyptus, peach, black tea, rose hip, and other natural herbs and flavors, for a unique and soothing blend.
  • A Sensory Treat: Our Hibiscus Rose Herbal Tea promises an immersive experience, delighting you with its vivid colors, aromatic fragrances, and sophisticated taste.
  • Infused with CBD: We’ve elevated our blend by infusing it with 250mg of high-quality CBD per package, inviting you to unwind and relax with every cup.
*This is loose tea, and a teabag or steeper is needed for optimal usage.*

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Yerba Mate, Eucalyptus, Peach, Black Tea, Rose Hip, Other Natural Herbs and Flavors, Premium CBD Extract

Directions for Use

Steep one teaspoon of tea in hot water for 5-10 minutes. Adjust the brewing time to taste. Enjoy 1-2 cups daily as part of your relaxation routine.

How to Effectively Consume

For the best experience, pair this tea with a moment of relaxation—whether that’s during morning meditation, an afternoon break, or unwinding in the evening. Consistency is key.


250mg CBD per package


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