Fizzy Delta Drinks

Set the scene for relaxation with our 30mg nano-infused Delta 8 and Delta 9 beverages. Crafted with precision and premium ingredients, these low-calorie seltzers and sodas offer a balance of invigoration and calm. Whether it’s a gathering with friends or a moment for yourself, our range of captivating flavors ensures every sip is an experience in itself.

Key Benefits:

🥤 Fast Acting: Utilizing nano-technology, you’ll start to sense the soothing effects within 15-20 minutes, lasting a satisfying 4-6 hours without the typical crash.


🔍 Dedication to Excellence: Our drinks are crafted with top-notch, lab-verified Delta 8 and Delta 9 from hemp, ensuring your experience is of the highest standard.


🍓 Savor the Spectrum: Delight in diverse flavors from refreshing Wild Strawberry, exotic Mango Tango, and juicy Watermelon for Delta 8 Seltzers, to the tropical thrill of Pineapple Express for Delta 9 Soda.


Every sip is an invitation to a refined journey, positioning our Fizzy Delta 8 and Delta 9 Infused Beverages as the pinnacle of sophisticated relaxation. Derived entirely from hemp, and crafted with care, these drinks are all about making moments memorable. Always enjoy Fizzy with mindfulness.

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30mg D8 or D9



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