Wulf 4pc 65mm Spatter Grinder

Elevate your smoking experience with the Wulf Mods 4pc 65mm Spatter Grinder. This high-quality grinder offers sharp teeth for perfect herb consistency, spacious chambers for storage, and a built-in kief catcher. Its durable design and sleek aesthetics make it an essential accessory for any vaper.

Experience effortless grinding and superior consistency with the Wulf Mods 4pc 65mm Spatter Grinder. This high-quality accessory is designed for discerning customers who desire premium quality and top-notch performance. Crafted from robust materials, the grinder comes equipped with sharp-edged teeth that expertly mince your herbs to the perfect texture. It boasts spacious compartments for storing substantial quantities of herbs, while a built-in kief catcher makes it easy to collect precious pollen. With its durable structure and stylish, contemporary design, the Wulf Mods 4pc 65mm Spatter Grinder is an essential tool for any vaper aiming to enhance their vaping experience. Don’t miss out!


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(1) Wulf Mods 4pc 65mm Spatter Grinder


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