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Pure Shaka's Pet Wellness Range

Nurture Your Pets with
Pure Shaka

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  • Full Spectrum CBD Tincture for Pets (500mg)


    Embrace the harmony of island-inspired wellness for your pet with Pure Shaka’s 500mg Full Spectrum Flavored Pet Tinctures. Our high-quality, full-spectrum CBD tinctures offer a natural pathway to pet wellness, delivering a potent and flavorful boost to your pet’s health routine.

    Empower your pet’s wellness journey with Pure Shaka’s 500mg Full Spectrum Flavorful Pet Tinctures. These tinctures offer a potent, natural solution to boost your pet’s overall health and vitality.

    Our Flavorful Pet Tinctures are formulated under strict guidelines, delivering a blend of superior full-spectrum CBD tailored to meet your pet’s unique needs. 

    Here’s how your pet may benefit:

    Promote Relaxation: Each serving is designed to potentially help manage your pet’s stress and anxiety, creating a calmer, more relaxed pet.

    Support Joint Health: The high-quality CBD in our tinctures may aid in alleviating discomfort related to joint pain or aging, helping to improve your pet’s mobility.

    Enhance Overall Wellness: Regular servings of our tincture may contribute to a healthier, more balanced lifestyle for your pet.

    Soothe Skin Conditions: Our full-spectrum CBD tincture may potentially provide anti-inflammatory properties, helping to manage various skin conditions in your pet.

    Pure Shaka maintains a firm commitment to product purity, potency, and safety, with each batch undergoing stringent third-party lab testing. Embrace the exceptional benefits of our 500mg Full Spectrum Flavorful Pet Tinctures, the perfect companion for your pet’s wellness journey.

  • BBQ Kabob


    Introduce your pet to a taste of health with Pure Shaka’s Premium CBD Infused Jerky Pet Treats. Bursting with flavor and quality CBD, these treats form a savory, health-boosting supplement to your pet’s daily regimen.

    Sure to set tails wagging, these deliciously chewy, CBD-infused Bbq Kabobs are the perfect reward for your four-legged best friend! Not only bursting with natural ingredients and great taste, these Premium Bbq Kabob Treats, formulated under the strictest quality standards, incorporate high-grade CBD. These delectable treats promise to foster a vibrant and wholesome life for your beloved pet.

    Here’s how your pet may benefit:

    Fosters Digestive Wellness: These easy-to-digest Bbq Kabob treats contribute to maintaining a healthy gut for your pet.

    Encourages Serenity: The choice CBD in our treats could help ease stress and anxiety, promoting peacefulness in your pet.

    Aids Mobility:Our CBD infused Bbq Kabob treats may offer relief from joint discomfort or aging-related issues, thus improving your pet’s movement.

    Uplifts Overall Health: Incorporating our CBD-enriched Bbq Kabob treats into your pet’s diet may support an overall healthier lifestyle.

    At Pure Shaka, our commitment to excellence ensures purity, potency, and safety, upheld by third-party lab testing for each batch. Let our Premium CBD Infused Bbq Kabob Treats be a flavorful cornerstone in your pet’s wellness journey.

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    CBD Body Bar Soap

    Original price was: $14.99.Current price is: $9.99.

    Add a hint of luxury to your daily bathing routine by using our CBD Body Bar Soap, a nourishing and hydrating soap.

    Infused with both CBD and CBG, our soap is beneficial to skin through promotion of moisture and hydration. Our soap was created for usage for all skin types, including

    • Soothing formula

    • Promotes hydration and nourishment of your skin

    • Antioxidant protection

    • 250mg CBD and 50mg of CBG