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Camo Natural Leaf Chamomile Wraps


Experience an elevated smoking journey with CAMO’s Natural Leaf Chamomile Wraps. Handmade in Brazil, these all-natural, slow-burning wraps are tobacco and nicotine-free. Savour flavors like Blueberry and Mango for a unique herbal experience.


Reimagine your smoking experience with the CAMO Natural Leaf Chamomile Wraps. Crafted in Brazil from premium Chamomile and Mate plants, these all-natural wraps ensure a slow, smooth burn. Each pack contains five wraps and offers a selection of delicious flavors such as Blueberry and Mango. Completely free from nicotine and tobacco, these wraps are an ideal way to enjoy your herbs.

Afghan Hemp Woods Organic Wraps


Indulge in a natural smoking experience with Afghan Hemp Blunt Wraps. These tobacco-free, non-GMO, organic wraps are perfect for dry herbs. Available in 6 enticing flavors including Grape, Honey, and Russian Cream, each package comes with 2 filtered tipped wraps.

Introduce a natural twist to your smoking routine with the Afghan Hemp Blunt Wraps. These wraps are all-natural, tobacco-free and crafted especially for your dry herb needs. Made with non-GMO ingredients, these organic wraps securely encase your herbs while using filter tips for enhanced sessions. Available in a variety of 6 flavors such as Grape, Honey, Russian Cream and more, each each package comes with 2 filtered tipped wraps.