THC-A Pre-Roll 2g

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THC-A Pre-Roll 2g
Product description

Pure Shaka’s High Potency THCA Pre-rolls. Infused with top-quality, lab-verified THCA, our pre-rolls promise a powerful and robust experience. Each pre-roll is expertly crafted, ensuring a smooth, enjoyable smoke from beginning to end. 

Pure Shaka’s THCA pre-rolls are ideal for both newcomers to the world of cannabinoids and seasoned enthusiasts seeking an easy and convenient way to benefit from THCA. Our dedication to quality ensures a consistent, reliable experience in each puff, allowing you to relax and savor the moment.


Potency ranges from 900mg-1400mg per 2.5gram Pre-Roll.

Key Benefits:

High Potency: Our pre-rolls boast a high concentration of THCA for a potent, impactful experience.

Quality Assured: We meticulously lab-test our products to guarantee consistent potency and purity.

Convenience: Our pre-rolls provide an effortless, ready-to-use option for enjoying THCA.

Embark on your journey of wellness with Pure Shaka's High Potency THCA Pre-rolls. They're not just a smoke, they're an exploration of wellness.

How To Use:

Light one end of the pre-roll while inhaling gently from the other. Smoke responsibly and immerse yourself in the distinct effects of THCA.


Premium THCA Distillate, Hemp Flower


Additional information
NameTHC-A Pre-Roll 2g
Strains Cream Cake (Indica) 760mg, Durban Poison (Sativa) 800mg
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